Word Games

by John Wyatt
copyright 2002

The other day in English class
My English teacher said, with brass:
"Here's a list of words for you.
Say which meanings are most true."
I take the list that I may see
What sort of trial this may be.
The words thereon are monstrous.
Ridiculous and ponderous.
But I will try and plod through this,
To see which words may be amiss.
The first I see is "Libertine",
And so I think "What could this mean?"
But of the meanings that I see,
Not a one makes sense to me.
And so I look on down the list,
So of this trial I'll catch the gist.
"Dissent" is a word I understand,
But all the choices seem quite bland.
"Equivocal" is another word,
But all the choices seem absurd.
In fact, in all this exercise,
And all the words that meet my eyes,
Of the choices that I see,
Not a one makes sense to me!
So I would really like to know
Why with words he's obsessed so.
What matter if "Philanthropist"
Be "Humanitarian" or "Altruist"?
And who would care if "Condiment"
Be "Seasoning" or "Stimulant"?
Or the opposite of "Harmony"
A word like "Incongruity"?
Or if "Tenacity" and "Veracity"
Be "Persistence" and "Sincerity".
"Deprecate" and "Remonstrate"!
"Honesty" and "Symmetry"!
So into English I'll not leap.
I think that I'll just go to sleep.