The Speech

by John Wyatt
copyright 2002

(Written in English Composition class, the instructor gave us thirty minutes to write either a factual or an emotional appeal.)

There is in our day and age a hoax so monstrous and so far reaching in its implications that it threatens the very foundation of our society. This hoax has been insidiously perpetrated by the power-hungry governments of the world for their own selfish gain. I refer to the vicious lie that the world is round. Aside from the obvious assault upon the reason of any intelligent person, no one confronted with the scientific facts could possibly believe this lie.

The ancient sailors and astronomers knew that the world is flat, but the greed and avarice of government prompted the fraud of a celestial" globe" and even went so far as to claim that the earth moved around the sun! Initially such lies were suppressed by the wise and benevolent Church, in accordance with the Holy Laws of God. But eventually even the Church succumbed under the heavy barrage of propaganda.

In all actuality the world IS flat and is at the center of the Universe, all things revolving about it. The earth sits upon a sea of fire, as anyone having witnessed a volcanic eruption can readily tell. The stars, as one can plainly see, are fixed in a crystal sphere which rotates about us. A compass will, of course, point to the center of earth, which we know to be the arctic. At one time this was all known by even the lowliest peasant lad. Odious indeed are those who maintain that the world is round, in mindless defiance of the facts!

Oh, some may claim that Magellan circumnavigated the world, but this does nothing to support their theory, as anyone can sail around the circumference of a flat circle and arrive back at their point of origin. This, then, is the flimsiest evidence in their morass of lies and shows how desperate they are to support their theory! Even as you read this, more `evidence' is being fabricated by these dogs in an effort to destroy the truth!

We see now why the governments of the world are so busy in the Antarctic, since this is the ring of ice which borders the earth’s edge, which God has erected to protect us from the sea of flames. There are so many government stations that no one can now journey to the worlds edge unless they are completely brainwashed first. Then they return and say: "Lo! I have seen that the world is indeed round!" and are condemned to eternal fire for their blasphemy!

You may wonder how such a hoax came into being. Originally the lie was invented by an evil government in order to break the power of the Holy Church. The plan was to infuse their minds with propaganda which was totally contrary to God's Laws. God would then desert the heretics and the power formerly held by the church would then fall into the hands of the greedy politicians.

The most horrible by-product of the fraud today is the so-called` Space Program'. The obvious fakery of `moonwalk' pictures reeks of Hollywood sensationalism. In fact, since many portions of the American desert closely resemble what can be seen of the moons surface, elaborate studios are not even needed. The program was designed purely for the purpose of milking the public of billions of dollars, which eventually find their way into the pockets of corrupt politicians and their fellow cohorts.

This stranglehold on the people of the world is so tight that we may never break loose from it! Our only chance is to mount a massive counter-propaganda campaign aimed at destroying the hoax and exposing its perpetrators! This, then, should be the life goal of every self-respecting and concerned citizen. Fear not to make any sacrifice, for victory will not come cheaply! Only through eternal sacrifice and vigilance will we, the people of this glorious earth, become worthy to call ourselves free human beings!