Super Fink Meets the Pretzel Man

by John Wyatt
copyright 2002

As dawn breaks over Gothic City, a familiar figure is seen in the streets. Yes! It''s ... Super Fink! He had gotten a call from police Chief Jones that the Pretzel man had just knocked over the First National Bank. When Super Fink arrived at the scene, he saw the bank lying on its side.

"Boy!" Super Fink exclaimed. "When he knocks over a bank, he really knocks over a bank!"

Suddenly there was a loud crash!


"What was that!" cried Chief Jones.

"Silly!" said Super Fink. "Don't you ever listen to the narrator? Dawn just broke!"


"Chief!" called Lt. Peterson. "One of our patrol cars spotted the Pretzel Man heading south on, get this, a motorized skateboard!"

"This is important!" cried Super Fink.

"You're right!" Jones replied. "He's probably going into the woods."

"Huh? No, I don't mean that. I mean that my skateboard is patented! Now he's really in trouble!"

Super Fink immediately jumped on his skateboard and peeled out.


Soon, Super Fink was combing the woods in search of the Pretzel Man, but found no trace of him. He arrived back at the Super hut late that evening, exhausted.

"Well," said Little Fink. "It's about time you got back. What took you so long?"

"The narrator said I combed the woods."


"I had a very small comb."

"Oh. Well, come inside and have supper. It's late."

Nothing happened the next day until 5 P.M., when the Super Phone rang. Super Fink answered it.

"Hello, phone."

"No, you have to pick it up first." instructed Little Fink.

"Oh. Hello? Oh, hi Chief. What!!?? He did!! Heading this way? Ok, Chief, we'll find him!"

"What is it, Super Fink?"

Come on! The Pretzel Man just robbed the 4 2/3 National Bank! He's been seen heading in this direction!"

"Great! We'll get him this time!"

They started their vehicles and tore out.


After an hour of searching they came to a small cabin in the woods, with a sign in front saying:

Attention all Super Heroes and cops: this plain, ordinary cabin is just that - a plain, ordinary cabin. This is NOT the secret hideout of the Pretzel Man. Thank you.

"Well," sighed Super Fink, "it looks like another dead end."

"Yeah." Little Fink replied, exhausted. "Well, why don't we check it out anyway, so we can tell Chief Jones that we tried?"

"Okay. PRETZEL MAN!" Super Fink yelled. "ARE YOU IN THERE?"

"no" came the muffled reply.

"Darn. Well, at least we tried. Maybe we should rest inside for awhile before we go home?"

"Sounds good." Little Fink replied. They opened the door and walked inside - and there was the Pretzel Man, sitting in front of them!

"Pretzel Man!" exclaimed Super Fink, furious! "I thought you said you weren't in here!"

"If there's anything I hate, it's a liar." remarked Little Fink.

"SO!" the Pretzel Man chortled. "You've found my secret hideout! But you won't be around for long!" He pulled a lever and a trap door opened underneath our twosome, plunging them into a deep, dark pit as the door closed over them.


When our heroes came to, they found themselves tied securely to a conveyor belt.

"Ah ha!" laughed the Pretzel Man. "I see you're awake!"

Super Fink taunted back. "Don't think for a minute that you're going to get away with this, Pretzel Man! The law will catch up to you!"

"Not so! You see, if you and the entire police force of Gothic City don't do as I say, I'll make pretzels out of both of you! Ha ha ha!"

It looks grim indeed for our duo. Little Fink noticed a clock on the wall and saw that it was 6:30 PM. Knowing that it would get dark in a few minutes, he got an idea.

"Alright, Pretzel Man." he said. "I guess we don't have much choice, huh Super Fink?"

"Huh? Oh. No, I guess not." he sighed.

"Good!" laughed the Pretzel Man. "You're smart to cooperate. You, Little Fink, will go to police headquarters and present my terms. If you're not back in one hour, Super Fink becomes a giant pretzel!" He then untied Little Fink. "Remember! One hour!"

Suddenly there was a loud boom! The earth trembled and shook!




Quickly, Little Fink jumped on the Pretzel Man and knocked him out. He then untied Super Fink and they both ran out just before the entire ceiling caved in, burying the Pretzel Man.


Back at police headquarters, Super Fink related all that had happened.

"Tell me," Chief Jones asked after he had finished. "What caused the earthquake? Blasting?"

"No." replied Little Fink. :You see, that was the idea I had. I noticed that it would be getting dark very soon."


"Night fell."