Super Fink Meets...Super Fink???

by John Wyatt
copyright 2002

It is 11:30 at night in Gothic City. Everyone is asleep.

Everyone? NO! A sly, stealthy figure is slinking in the streets.

(slink slink)

It sneaks into the Heath Jewelry store through a back window. Who could it be? What could he be up to? Otis Freenbean, the night watchman, heard a faint scrabbling noise inside the back room.

(scrabble scrabble)

Quickly, he cocked his pistol, stepped into the room and turned on the light. What he saw shocked him into a frozen stupor!

(stupor stupor!)

Super Fink was robbing the store!


When he recovered, long after Super Fink had left, Otis Freenbean called police headquarters to report the theft, amounting to almost one million dollars!

"WHAT!" yelled Chief Jones. "You mean to say that SUPER FINK robbed the store!!! Impossible!!!"

"But I saw him with my own two eyes!" Otis explained.

"But...Super Fink's on the side of the law!" cried Chief Jones. Suddenly the phone rang.

"Chief!" hollered Sergeant O'Hara. A call on line 404! Super Fink just struck again!"

"WHAT!!! Give me that phone! HELLO! Jones here! Who is this!?"

"This is the manager of Herman Bank and Trust, the bank with 5 3/4 percent on passbook savings, the finest Christmas Club savings, with interest .."

"Yes! Yes! Just get to the point!" Jones retorted, completely exasperated.

"Yes, well, about five minutes ago Super Fink came in and stole $500,000 of our total $4,800,000 assets, mostly invested in sound businesses, securities, trust funds.."

Chief Jones slammed the phone down.

(slam! slam!)

"Hey, Chief!" yelled a young dispatcher. "Car 36 says he's spotted Super Fink on highway 6! Shall we pick him up?"

Jones hesitated. "Yeah. I guess so." He turned to Lt. Peterson. "I guess he must have cracked under the strain. Especially after that affair with the Wet Noodle."

"Yeah." replied Peterson. "Boy, there's nothing worse that a Super Hero gone bad."

A few minutes later, every available car was after our Super Hero, who was calmly cruising down highway 6, toward the Super hut. Suddenly, half a dozen patrol cars converged on him, seemingly out of nowhere, sirens and lights going! Super Fink immediately pulled over.

"What's the problem?" Super Fink asked as the officers converged on him.

"Super Fink," cried one patrolman, "I arrest you in the name of the law!"


The next morning, at the Super hut, Little Fink was preparing breakfast when the phone rang.

(ring ring)

"Yes?" he answered.

"Hello?" whimpered a familiar voice. "Little Fink? I'm in trouble, you gotta help me."

"Super Fink? What's wrong?"

"The police think I robbed a jewelry store and a bank, and arrested me."

"You're kidding! Well, what do you want me to do?"

"You've got to prove me innocent and get me our of here."

"Sure, Super Fink. The police must have made a mistake. You wouldn't do anything dishonest! I'll get to work immediately!" and he hung up.

Little Fink jumped on his motorized unicycle and sped towards Gothic City. Soon he was at Herman Bank and Trust. He questioned the bank manager, but made no progress. The robber had been clearly identified as Super Fink. Next he questioned Otis Freenbean, but Otis was certain that the robber had been Super Fink. With sagging spirits, Little Fink went to police HQ and heard what Chief Jones had to say. Suddenly a brilliant idea struck him!

"OUCH!" cried Little Fink.

"Huh?" the Chief asked. "What happened?"

"Don't you ever listen to the narrator? He said a brilliant idea just struck me."

"Oh. What is it?"

"I'll bet that someone is trying to frame Super Fink by disguising himself to look like him, then pulling off jobs like this!"

"Hmmmm. Sounds intriguing. What are you going to do?"

"Just wait and see this evening's paper." and Little Fink left.

That evening, Chief Jones was relaxing in his chair.

(relax relax)

He was thinking of the tragedy of Super Fink turning criminal. He hoped that Little Fink was right - that someone else was impersonating Super Fink. But how could that be proven? Just then, Lieutenant Peterson walked in with the evening paper.

(walk walk)

"Chief," he said, "here's the evening paper with Little Fink's brilliant plan to get Super Fink off the hook."

"What?" asked Chief Jones. "Have you read the paper already?"

"No. I just listen to the narrator."

"Hmmmm.... Let's see what's in the paper this evening. What!!?? Look at this! 'Super Fink sought in two robberies. Police confounded.' This must be a brilliant idea of Little Fink's to get Super Fink off the hook!"

"I told you."

"I'll bet he thinks that he can trick the impostor into committing another crime, proving Super Fink innocent!"

"Boy, Chief, you sure are smart!"

"Not really. I saw this episode on the late-late show two weeks ago."

Well, will Little Fink's brilliant idea to get Super Fink off the hook actually work? Tune in again and see!

(tune tune)


Deep in the heart of the Gothic City slums, a figure is seen at the corner news stand. it is the figure 15, signifying the price of the evening newspaper with Little Fink's brilliant plan to get Super Fink off the hook. Beside the figure is a man, reading the paper. It is none other than the arch-villain - The Actor! (Famous Lithuanian movie star and part time street cleaner.)

Suddenly he jumped up and walked swiftly towards a small, dilapidated building in the middle of the block. He entered and, a few minutes later a car pulled out of the adjacent alley. The car drove to the Third National Bank, the driver's door opened, and out stepped - Super Fink!!!!

(step step)

He walked into the bank and cries of terror were soon heard. He came running out with sacks of money in both hands. He jumped into the car and drove off.

(drive drive)

Soon, the news had spread that Super Fink had struck again. At police headquarters the news was greeted with astonishment!

(astinish .... astonsme .... anston ... oh heck - GREET GREET)

"So, Super Fink," Chief Jones apologized, "you're not the culprit who has been perpetrating these dastardly deeds after all!"

"No," Super Fink replied. "and I'm not the crook, either."

"Well, Super Fink, we owe you a deep apology, and you are herewith released from your incarceration."

"Yeah, but are you going to let me out of jail too?"

( ?  ? )


Minutes later, Super Fink was dashing through town to catch up with the Actor. He soon spied him running out of the Clark Savings and Loan, a bag of money in each hand. Quickly, Super Fink revved up and zoomed straight for the impostor. The Actor, seeing Super Fink too late, was hit viciously as Super Fink plowed into him, knocking him unconscious! Super Fink called Chief Jones to let him know that he had caught the Actor and the case was closed.

Later that evening, at police headquarters, Super Fink, Little Fink, and Chief Jones were talking.

"Well, Super Fink," said Jones, "It looks like the case is closed."

"Yup! But I don't see why you really thought that I'd turned bad."

"Well, he looked just like you, with that disguise on. And Super Hero impersonators aren't very common."

"I guess not." replied Little Fink. "But Super Fink, how'd you know where the impostor was going to steal next?"

"Easy!" Super Fink replied. "I watch the late-late show too!"

        The End

        (end end)