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Serious Stories

The Janitor

An unsettling look into the mind of a janitor at the city zoo.


A young girl discovers a terrifying truth about herself.


Sometimes we just seem to go around and around
- never getting anywhere.

The Asylum

The world in which we live may not be what it seems.

The Salesman

A look into the mind of a once great car salesman.

Serious Poems


Some of my daydreams.


After a long day in the Navy, it's nice to just sit and watch the sea.

Silicon Gods

If the software works, the computer is praised;
if not, the programmer is condemned.


A collection of poems on various topics.

Casting Pearls

A poem written upon about enlightenment.

The River

Another spiritual poem written upon realizing enlightenment.


A spiritual poem patterned after Mary Oliver's poem by the same name.


Ripples on Ripples,
Vibrations on the water of
God's Face, is my life.


In the Void - Music,
Intricate patterns of Life.
What composes me?

I am not defined by what I do.
I am defined by who I am.