Rock Farm

by John Wyatt
copyright 2004

Chapter 10 - Meditations

Can you feel that?

“Feel what?”



Shhhhhhhhh! Listen!

Daniella strained, but heard nothing. Exasperated, she spit electrons at Gradian, who pretended not to notice.

Listen – just let your mind go blank and you’ll feel it.

“Let my mind go what?”

Blank. Don’t think about anything. Not one single thought at all.

“Phooo! That’s silly! Why would I want to think about nothing!”

No, not think about nothing, think nothing! And don’t count, either. Counting is thinking.

Daniella was skeptical, but she had grown tired of counting how long they had been expelled and stopped all thoughts – not an easy task for a young chip.

Ok, Daniella thought to herself, I’m thinking of nothing. …………. I wonder what they’re doing at home now – Oops! I thought of something! Ok, stop thinking … Now! ……  Hmmmmmm. ‘I don’t know but I’ve been told’Oh! Why does that tune keep going through my head? Ok, I’m stopping thinking

Will you PLEASE SHUT UP!!!! Gradian shouted.

“Ok! Don’t get your poles in a bunch! I’ve never stopped thinking before! It’s not easy, you know!”

I know it isn’t. Try just counting zero – no poles moving at all.

“Ok – ‘zero’. Is that how?”


“Oh, sorry. I’ll try again.”

The two fused chips paused in their counting and thinking, until there was no thought at all. They simply lay open to whatever forces acted upon them.  At first, they felt nothing; then slowly they felt a gentle pull. Their poles seemed to want to align a certain way, as if an outside force was pulling them towards itself. The force was very slight – very subtle. Even the smallest thought would break the gentle force.

“What IS that?” Daniella broke their meditation.

I don’t know. Did you feel like you were being pulled? Like there was something, outside us. Something – greater than us, but yet silent and subtle.

“So what? Maybe you’re just feeling me?”

No, I don’t think so. It makes me feel like, well, like there’s one way that I’m supposed to point. Like, if I could move, that I would point all of my poles that way.

Daniella contemplated for several counts – then had an epiphany!

“It’s the Divine Will! We’ve felt the Divine Will!”


“Well, what else could it be? Doesn’t Leptera say that the Divine Will encompasses everything?”

Naturally, how else could it be?

“And we are part of ‘everything’, aren’t we?”

I … I guess so; I mean, we do still exist, don’t we?

“Of course we still exist! And nothing exists outside of Divine Will, correct?”

That’s what they say – but nobody ever said anything about this! I mean, what HAPPENED to us??? Are we still in the World, or not?

“Wherever we are, it’s still part of the Divine Will – it HAS to be that way! Tell me, Gradian, have you ever before known a World without Conversation?”

Of course not, Conversation is All, and All is Conversation.

“Yes, I’ve heard that too – but what if it isn’t true?”

What if what isn’t true?

“What if Conversation drowns out the Divine Voice? What if we can’t hear the Divine because we’re too busy talking to each other!”

Gradian gasped! That would be heresy! You can’t think that! Leptera would …

“Leptera would what?” Daniella interrupted. “We’re already way out here – wherever that is! What if we are hearing, for the first time ever, the actual Divine Will?”

The two girls lay in silence – trying once more to think no thoughts and recapture the feeling of divine influence on their poles. Slowly, as they cooled their tempers and stilled all thought, they could feel once more the warm, gentle force that acted upon all things magnetic – inviting them to point their poles this way. They released their mental hold on their own awareness and surrendered to the Divine Will – and their poles turned, seemingly of their own accord, until they were in perfect alignment with the Divine Will. The effect was overwhelming!

Their consciousness expanded without limits, seeming to fill a vast, open emptiness. Yet, the emptiness was not void – it was filled with the warm glow of Divine Will, pointing in a single way with a single purpose. It was as if their consciousness had merged with the Creator!

They were no longer limited by their small bodies. Their individual identities fell away as they were engulfed in the Divine Will. In a single, timeless instant, they felt the entire world within and around them – a vast, spinning world that was itself a spinning Pole! The entire World rested within the Divine Creator!

The girls had no sense of time – their body clocks had stopped. All of their poles were aligned with a single force; their self-awareness having merged with the Divine Will. How long they lay in ecstasy they would never know – but when they returned to self-awareness, they were greatly changed.


High overhead, a rogue MTV satellite beamed its subversive programming to illicit Chinese dish antennas. Broadcasting downward, its signal naturally fell into Mongolia and the Gobi Desert. Chinese officials pretended not to know about the satellite or the illegal satellite dishes around the country; meanwhile, enjoying MTV on their own illegal satellite receivers. Reception had been erratic for several days, especially during the noonday hours, but had returned to normal after the recent, unusual burst of radiation. Publicly, Chinese officials denied that there was anything to deny. Unfortunately, the inability to deny anything was taken by the world as a sign that the Chinese government was losing control of the situation. An invasion was planned.

The plan was so secret that no one knew who had conceived it. The secret was so well kept that no one even showed up for it. Of course, that also kept the cost down, for which the planners all received huge bonuses, allowing them to retire from government service. Publicly, nothing was ever denied, but privately, many people denied that the Chinese had plotted their own invasion. In fact, the entire invasion scheme would probably have never been denied, were it not for the fact that the complete lack of evidence was seen as proof of a cover-up. World-wide tension mounted.

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