Super Fink Meets Little Red Riding Hoodlum

by John Wyatt
copyright 2002

Ah! If only you'd been here a minute ago, would would have witnessed a most terrible catastrophe! The Third National Bank had, without warning or apparent reason, suddenly blown up, scattering money all over the countryside for miles! As the sun rises over Gothic City, people are in a panic! But alas! Someone is missing! Where is Super Fink?

Yes! The great upholder of justice himself is absent. He is on his two-week vacation in Miami Beach. So it looks bad indeed for police Chief Jones as he pulls up beside the foundation of the bank. Without Super Fink, it is very unlikely that he shall ever get to the bottom of this dreadful affair.

But outside of town a strange figure is riding around on a giant vacuum cleaner, picking up all of the money. Could it be ... why ... yes! It is! Its ... Little Red Riding Hoodlum! So this is who blew up the bank! So she could gather up all of the money! Oh, if only Chief Jones knew! Alas! The absence of Super Fink may make this crime unsolvable!

Back at the ruined bank building, Chief Jones is walking around the blasted foundation.

"It's no use," he said. "I can't figure it out. If only Super Fink were here."

"We'll just have to try to contact him." said Sergeant O'Hara.

"Hey!" cried Lt. Peterson, "Isn't that Little Fink?"

"Why, yes! It is!"

It's true! Little Fink is in town and racing to the scene on his motorized unicycle! Soon he pulled up beside Chief Jones.

"WOW!" he exclaimed. "What happened here?"

"I'm not sure." said Chief Jones. "It blew up only an hour ago, and we still have no clues."

"This is really bad!" exclaimed Little Fink.

"Yes," replied Chief Jones, "but luckily no on e was hurt except for some minor injuries. No body was in the bank when it happened."

"Huh? Oh. That's not what I meant. We had $48 in the bank and now it's gone! That's bad!"


"Say, Little Fink," asked Lt. Peterson, "What are you doing in town anyway? I thought you were in Miami Beach?"

"Yeah, but we forgot our surfboards, so I came back to get them."

"Can you call Super Fink here?" asked Chief Jones.

"It wouldn't do any good to call him 'here'. His name's Super Fink. But I'll get hold of him and get him right up here."

"Thanks!" replied Chief Jones.


It is 10:30 am in Gothic City, just two days after the blowing up of the Third National Bank. A gay figure is seen tripping joyfully down the street. It looks like a young girl, all dressed in red. Could it be by golly, it is! Its Little Red Riding Hoodlum!!! Why, shes going into the 5 National Bank with a basket under her arm! What could she be up to?

She tripped gaily up to the window and said "I'd like a safety deposit box please, for my valuables."

"You'll have to see the manager." The clerk pointed the way.

"Thank you." chirped Little Red Riding Hoodlum. She tripped over to the manager's office and knocked on the door. She entered and, in a few minutes, came out with the manager. They went to the vault room, where she deposited her bundle. Oh, what could she be up to? If only Super Fink were here. But at the present he is in jail in South Carolina. It seems they don't allow skateboards on the freeway.


It is 3:30 AM in Gothic City. Police Chief Jones is on duty and very sleepy. Suddenly, there's a brilliant flash! Followed by a loud boom!



Jones shot out of his chair.

"WHAT WAS THAT!" he yelled!

"Look, Chief!" cried Sergeant O'Hara. The 5 National Bank just blew up and money's flying everywhere!"

"This is terrible! If only Super Fink were here!"

Indeed, if only he were here! For at this very moment, Little Red Ridding Hoodlum is gathering up all of the money on her giant vacuum cleaner! Oh, where is our fearsome crime fighter?

At present, he is in at the Charleston airport, preparing for takeoff. Is he returning by commercial jet? No! With the help of some dedicated scientists, he has converted his motorized skateboard into his all new SUPER JET BOARD! It has two small turbojet engines in the rear, a seat, and a plastic canopy! It is designed for speed and efficiency; but will it work?

Apparently so, as Super Fink taxis out onto the runway, revs up his engines, and zooms off in a perfect takeoff! He swings around and heads straight for Gothic City!

It is now 1:30 PM at the Gothic City airport, and things are really in a turmoil, for planes were stacked up endlessly. Inside the control tower, things were frantic.

"Sir," said one Controller, "there's a call from flight 703 from Chicago. They say we're stacking planes too high."

"Give me that mike!" the supervisor demanded. "HELLO! Flight 703? This is the air control supervisor. Why do you say we're stacking too high?"

"Because, we're on top, and we just went into ORBIT!"

"SIR!!!!!!" screamed a new controller. "THERE'S A SKATEBOARD TRYING TO LAND ON RUNWAY NINE!!!!!!"

"WHAT!!! Let me see!!!" The supervisor ran to the window and stared out. "You idiot! That's Super Fink! CLEAR ALL RUNWAYS! NOTIFY POLICE HEADQUARTERS!"

So Super Fink was here at last! Chief Jones quickly arrived at the airport, very tense and worried. He ran to the hanger where Super Fink was having his new jet board examined.

"Super Fink!" he cried, relieved. "Am I glad to see you!"

"Chief, you look tense and worried."

"Of course!" The Seventh National Bank just blew up ten minutes ago!"

"Then I'm off! Quick, mechanic, give me my jet board!"

"Say, uh, listen," cautioned the mechanic, "I really ought to get some work done on this thing. This jury-rig job could go out at any time."

"It'll have to wait!" Jones ordered. "Besides, Super Fink's not afraid of a little danger, are you?"

"Huh? I guess not...."


And so Super Fink taxied out to the runway and took off in search of the culprit.


Soon, Super Fink was flying low over the countryside. As of yet, he could see nothing. But wait! In the hills .... what's this?? A little girl riding a giant vacuum cleaner, picking up all of the money? What, it can't be! .... but ... yes! It is! It's ... it's ... Little Red Riding Hoodlum! (you expected someone else, maybe?)

Soon, Super Fink spied her.

"Ah!" he thought. "A fine, public-spirited young girl! Picking up all of the money so no one can steal it! I'll land and congratulate her."

So Stupid, I mean Super Fink circled around, landed in the field and taxied up beside her.

"Hello, little girl!" he called out.

"Get out of here!" she yelled.

"No need to worry. I'm with the law. I merely wanted to congratulate you on your fine work!"

"Huh? Who? Where?"

"Picking up all of the money so no one can steal it. Fine work!"

"Huh? Oh! Oh, yeah! Sure!"

"If you see anyone suspicious, notify the police immediately, if not sooner."

"Oh, okay. So long!" and off she went, laughing hysterically.

"Odd girl. Oh well, I guess I'll be off!" And Super Fink soared off over the hills, circling around to fly over the girl and salute her. But suddenly, the engine started coughing and wheezing, and then cut out!

"Darn! I forgot to get gas!"

Quickly, Super Fink parachuted out, landing safely. The jet board nosed down and headed straight for Little Red Riding Hoodlum! Before she knew what happened, it crashed into the rear of her vacuum cleaner! The cleaner careened in to a ditch and turned over, just as Lt. Peterson drove up in a jeep, having spotted the vacuum cleaner minutes earlier with a pair of field glasses. Super Fink ran to the wrecked vacuum cleaner just as Little Red Riding Hoodlum crawled clear.

"I'm awfully sorry, little girl, I..."

"Congratulations Super Fink!" cried Lt. Peterson. "You caught that arch-villain Little Red Riding Hoodlum! Great show!"

"Huh ... I did? ... oh .... Yeah! I did! Great show!"

She didn't appear to be badly hurt, so they put her in the jeep. Super Fink climbed in and they drove to police headquarters.


It is two days since Super Fink caught (?) the arch-villain Little Red Riding Hoodlum. Chief Jones and Lt. Peterson are playing checkers at police headquarters. Suddenly Sergeant O'Hara called out.

"Hey Chief! Super Fink just pulled up ... on a pair of motorized roller skates!"

"Roller skates!??"


Soon, Super Fink was inside. He walked to the coat rack and hung up his skates, each with a little gas engine, and a pair of little gas tanks strapped to his ankles.

"Good grief!" cried Jones. "Motorized roller skates!"

"Yeah." replied Super Fink. "It's all I can get while my skateboard's in the shop."

"Oh. Well, at least you're back in Gothic City. Without you, we never would have brought the perpetrator of those dastardly deeds to justice!"

"Yeah." Super Fink boasted. "You probably wouldn't have caught Little Red Riding Hoodlum either."