Casting Pearls

by John Wyatt
copyright 2007

I found a pretty pearl one morn,
Shining in the grass.
I stopped and gazed and wondered how,
I’d missed it last I passed.

I plucked it from the morning dew,
With trembling hand that somehow knew
I’d found a treasure ancients sought -
My heart’s delight! My holy draught!

Running madly, homeward bound,
To show this wondrous thing I’d found,
I burst into the house and leapt!
Laughing gay at secrets kept
and found at last by piercing gaze -
This stone that set my heart ablaze!

My daughter, always first to rise,
Crept from bed to meet my eyes.
“Oh look, my dear, what I have gained!”
Whilst sleepily she groaned,

“Oh, Daddy, did you get one too?
Though mine’s a deeper shade of blue.
At school they used to be the rage,
Though after time they show their age.”

Thunderstruck, I scare believed,
This child of mine, in love conceived,
Could fail to see the Heaven’s glow
In gem so bold! A grievous blow!

“She’s just a child!” My heart string sung,
“She cannot see – her heart’s too young!”
So toward my bedroom scurried I,
Where tender love did softly lie.

“My dearest wife, please wake and see,
The sweetest jewel of earth and sea!”
Soft breath then yawned and slowly rose,
Slipped from bed and fetched her clothes.

“Yes, I see, I have one too,
Though not so warm, and not so blue.”
And from her pocket, cold and wan,
She drew a rock, both gray and plain.

“It glittered once and pierced my heart,
But now it’s dead and split apart.
I’m glad you found one nice and new.
Now let me dress; I’ve work to do.”

I stood confounded, mind enraged!
She only saw her dreams, long aged!
And so in holy umbrage I,
With effervescent hopeful cry,
Left the house to wander free,
To share my joy with those who see!

With glittering jewel tightly gripped,
My joy undamped, my fear tight-lipped,
I marched into the dusky dawn,
A kindred spirit to find; to fawn
on this my heart’s content, and yet
I could not help but shake and fret.

Could no one see the wondrous joy
That lay inside this Gem? No toy
was this that Heaven gave to me.
I’d make them know. I’d make them see.

So down the street, from door to door,
To show the prize that I adore.
From house to lonely house I strode,
Filled with love for heart’s abode.
With lonely fervor, heart aflame,
To offer love, or damn with shame.

At each new door rejection came,
Some with sighing,
Some with shame.
Some with pity,
Some with scorn.
Some with hate for labors borne.
Some with poison – righteous brew
For those whose gem had different hue.

Until at last my weary feet
Stood at the end of lonesome street.
My flame abated, heartstone cold;
My joy restrained as fears unfold.

If surely I had found the Truth,
Then why could no one see my sooth?
Had misdirected eye assessed
And wrongly found this stone the best?

It clearly shone, though not so bright
As seemed from eyes still fresh with night.
Still warm, still round, though not so blue,
And then I saw, as if by cue,

The stone I held was luminous,
It’s inner world voluminous.
A heart of fire, brightly shone
With wisdom that had freshly grown.
No outer truth this bauble held,
No force of evidence compelled
my wakened mind, with love endowed,
to cast my pearl before the crowd.

To each is owned a soul unique,
Divinely loved, whether bold or meek.
As no two souls can be the same,
God sends each one their special flame.
This lovely iridescent stone,
This Pearl that was Divinely grown,
That through its core my soul light shone,
Was made for me, and me alone.