One Man's Passion

by John Wyatt
copyright 2002

As one man said to one man,
When other man would shy:
"You sickly rather well sir,
Or would you rather fry? 

"For Mablewort, the mickle lout,
Will gable in the gore,
To show what nittly nonewort
May mootly have no more." 

Well, one man said to one man:
"This surely can't mean more,
For what be less than nonesuch,
Or bootwort not times four?"

So one man said to one man,
When other man should vie:
"You say that bootwort be none,
And nothing take the pie.

"But Mablewort, the fickle trout,
Will prove that she hath less
Than someone who is nonemore,
And fitwort be not cress."

Well, one man looked at one man,
Without which he may still,
And said to which the other man
Must surely nettle ill:

"If Mablewort be ficklelout,
And no one be not more,
Then bootwort must have nothing,
And nonesuch is a boor!"

Then one man picked up one man,
Without which nonewort say,
And tossed the nettle nittly not
Into the fottly fay.