Jennifer Jones and the Apes of Wrath

by John Wyatt
copyright Oct, 2008


Hello again. My name is Jenn-á-ferr al-â-san abdu-salām, which means “Jenn of the Ferrs in the land of San, Servant of Peace.” I go by Jennifer. My older brother is Jon-á-yaquin-Ālim (One Who Thinks He Knows Everything). I just call him J. We grew up here in the Dream Cafe, working for Mom and Dad. Mom and I do most of the cooking, while Dad tutors us, tends the grounds, and takes care of the buildings. Dad also makes the arrangements for most of our vacations. This year, we are going to Spain and hopefully to the Rock of Gibraltar! J mostly likes helping Dad and getting me into trouble – lots of it!

Most recently, J tried to buy me a new pair of shoes. I like those “ crocs ” that I had seen a while back in a sporting goods store. Unfortunately, J had tried to find a bargain by shopping online. He ended up buying the first pair of crocs he found. So, the day before my birthday, and on the same day as we were packing for our trip to Spain, my new “ crocs ” arrived – in their 6 foot long crates, carried on a huge truck with two armed guards!


“What the heck are THOSE?” I could only stare dumbfounded as eight handlers and two armed guards unloaded a pair of growling six-foot crates.

“Delivery for Jon Jones. Two Australian crocs – size small. Sign here, please.” The driver thrust a delivery receipt into my face.

“But…I only ordered a pair of SHOES!”

“Well,” the driver chuckled, “some assembly is required. Please sign here. Oh – they haven’t been fed since last night, so they’re probably hungry.”

I signed numbly, wondering what I had ordered….wait, I remember now. I had been shopping online when Dad interrupted me. I’d been looking for some shoes for Jennifer’s birthday, that new model called “crocs” that she liked so much. I’d been looking for a bargain… Was that the day that Jennifer claimed the tables attacked her? What the heck did I end up ordering?

“The guards can’t stay, unless you want to pay them.” The driver thrust a copy of the receipt into my lifeless hands.

“Uh….no, I guess I don’t need them. I mean, these are just shoes … right?”

The crew laughed! “If that’s what you want them for!”

“Or maybe luggage!” one of the guards chuckled. They were still laughing as they drove off.

“What are those?” I jumped as I heard Mom’s voice behind me.

“Uh … I ordered some shoes for Jennifer’s birthday.”

“A lifetime supply?”

The crates started bumping and growling.

“Hey!” Mom jumped back. “What’s in those crates?”

I read my copy of the receipt aloud: “Two Australian crocodiles – small.”

“You bought Jennifer live CROCODILES?????” Mom shrieked!

“I thought I was ordering a pair of crocs – you know, those shoes they sell in the sporting goods store?”

“Well, that’s a nice how-do-you-do.” Came a heavily accented voice from one of the boxes. “Gonna turn us into shoes, are they. Well this trip’s a bust, and home’s a back of Bourke by now.”

“Fair dinkum. These crates is a bit bodgy though, I bet I can get out easy” drawled the other crate. The contents of both crates started banging and thrashing violently until they split open, disgorging a pair of 4-foot long crocodiles!

“Oooo – is that a barbie I smell? I could sure use some lunch. Hoy – G’day mates, you’s the ones what owns this shack?”

Mom just stood speechless, mouth agape. Jennifer had wandered over during the commotion and was jumping with glee.

“They’re so CUTE!!!!” she cried, bouncing with joy. “Oh – can I keep them?? Puh-leeeease, Mom?”

Mom could only nod, still speechless.

This wasn’t quite the birthday present I had planned. Jennifer was supposed to wear her present, not get eaten by it!

“Hey,” I interjected, pushing Jennifer back, “these things are dangerous! You could get hurt!”

“Hoy! Whot? Us? Dangerous?”

“This Sheila’s a real knocker.”

“You sure it’s a Sheila?”

“Well, you know, they all looks like Sheila’s to me. A whole mob.”

Jennifer tried wriggling loose, but I held on tight. I liked her, and I really didn’t want her getting eaten by her birthday present.

“What do they eat?” Mom asked.

“Probably us!” I shouted.

“Whot?” the two crocs faced each other, then looked back at us, slightly teary eyed.

“No way, mate. You’s the ones whot took us in after we got caught and stuffed into these bodgy boxes. We wouldn’t eat ya.”

“Fair dinkum, mate. Besides, we’s vegetarians.”


Did I hear them aright?

“Really?” Jennifer crooned. “You’re vegetarians?”

“Right, mate! So na worries about your little legs there – we ain’t gonna be eatin ‘em. Besides, Nate here’s a real bludger and ain’t got the energy to hunt proper like.”

“Oh – I ain’t no bludger. Now lets be nice to this here Sheila, since she’s such a beaut, taking us in and all that. Say, you got any water within cooee? We really likes to be in water most ‘a the time.”

Jennifer pointed them in the direction of the back garden. “There’s the koi pond that Dad just finished.”

“Really? A koi pond? That’s the dinki-di? I ain’t seen one since I was an ankle biter! Let’s go, Nate.”

“That’s just ace, Nick. Say, koi’s a vegetable, ain’t it?”

“Sure is, matey. Sure is. Fast, too! Gotta get up mighty early to catch one!”

Jennifer led the two young crocodiles into the back garden, while Mom gave me her best hands-on-hips “oh, are you going to get it now” stare. Maybe I’ll get lucky – maybe I’ll get eaten.


I declare, someday that boy will be the death of me! I know he means well, but sometimes I just don’t know where he keeps his head! I’ll let his Dad take care of those crocodiles – I have to go and get things started before the lunch crowd arrives. Besides, doing some cooking will help me to relax. At least cooking is something I know I can do!

After I got married, my Dad said that I must truly worship my husband – because I placed burnt offerings before him three times a day! Ha ha. Well, after years of practice, I’ve gotten to be quite the chef!

“Can I help, Mom?”

Jennifer loves to help me cook – I think she plans to follow in my footsteps and be a chef when she grows up.

“Yes, sweetheart, could you please get two bags of egg noodles from the pantry?”


Let’s see, I’ll need some of this curry…

<The jar of curry slid deftly to one side, dodging her hand. A jar of lemon pepper quickly rolled up to be grabbed.>

Ah – yes. Lemon pepper. That’s even better. Hmmmm, and what else would go well with that? Perhaps a dash of this pepper…

<The bottle of cayenne pepper ducked back, allowing the celery seed to slide into her grasp.>

Ah – celery seed! Yes, that would be perfect! Hmmmmm… and maybe some kind of chili oil…

<the bottles shuffled about until one met her grasp.>

Ah yes. Sesame oil. Let’s add about a tablespoon.

<Most of the oil stayed in the bottle; only a few drops spilled out into the broth.>

Hmmmm, I guess it’s time to get more. Well, that should be enough for flavor. My Dad would sure change his tune if he could see what a fine chef I’ve become!

“Mom – here are the noodles you wanted.”

“Jennifer, dear, I asked for ‘egg’ noodles. These are ‘rice’ noodles.”

“I know. They said they would go better in the soup than egg noodles.”

“I see. Well, that’s quite an imagination you have there. Alright, we’ll use rice noodles. Now, I wonder what vegetables would go well with these? Jennifer, why are you giggling?”

“Oh – no reason, Mom. Just happy about my new pets, I guess”

<Jennifer watched as a head of broccoli rolled over to the chopping block.>

“Ah, I see you brought out some broccoli! Thank you, Jennifer. That would go wonderfully in the soup, and maybe another vegetable…”

<Jennifer giggled as several carrots wiggled and slithered into view.>

“Let’s see what we have over here … carrots! Yes! Those would be fantastic!”

“You’re such a good cook, Mom. I think the food likes being cooked by you!”

“Well, it takes years of practice, and lots of forgiveness from your Dad! But with diligent practice, things just start to come together on their own. It becomes second nature.”

<the cleaver dodged her grasp, allowing the chopping knife to slide neatly into her hand.>

“Just keep working at it, Jennifer dear, and you’ll become a wonderful chef! It’s just a matter of knowing what tools to use – like this chopping knife.”

“Thanks, Mom. I guess it’s like that sign you have.”

“You mean the one your brother bought me? ‘Raising a teenager is like nailing Jello to a tree’?”

“No, the one from the Tao Te Ching:
“The Truth is like a bellows:
It is empty, yet infinitely capable.
The more you use it, the more it produces.
The more you talk of it, the less you understand.”

“Ah – like ‘Those who know, don’t talk. Those who talk, don’t know’?”


“Then I guess I’d better shut up and get started on lunch! And you need to get started on your packing! We’re going to Spain tomorrow, and I haven’t seen you even start your packing.”

“I’m fine, Mom. These things just have a way of working themselves out. Right now, the soup wants me to help you.”

“Well, alright. I do enjoy chatting with you while we cook together. We make a fine pair of chefs!”

Jennifer is growing up so fast! I don’t know how much longer she’ll want to hang around and chat with me, so I guess I shouldn’t complain! I suppose packing can wait until tonight.

The Tables

“Troopers, we have a real emergency.”

“What’s that, Sergeant Major?”

“An ‘emergency’? It’s an unforeseen combination of circumstances that calls for immediate action. But that’s not important right now. What’s important is that Jennifer is going to another country! We won’t be able to follow her and keep her safe!”

“What should we do, Sergeant Major?”

“I have a deck of cards. We could play poker.”

“Anybody have any money?” “Not me.” “Me neither.” “What’s ‘money’?”

“QUIET!” <pause> “That’s better. I expect more initiative from members of the Inter- Dimensional, Instantly Operational Trooper System. We need to devise a plan to ensure Jennifer’s safety while she’s travelling. A plan worthy of true IDIOTS!”

<In unison> “You can count on us, Sergeant Major!”

“Now – she’s going to a place called “Sprain”, and that sounds painful. There’s bound to be danger, and she still doesn’t have full awareness or control of her powers. So, what do you suggest?”

“Blow up the planet!”

“No – that’s a bit extreme.”

“Sergeant Major, we could sneak into her baggage!”

“And you don’t think she’d notice?”

<Hmmmmm> “Well, if Creak here went on a diet and lost a few pounds…”

“Actually, I was thinking of calling for help from some specialists.”

“You mean … “

“That’s right – I’m going to call in the Marines.”

<Gasp!> “Those are a real tough group. They say there’s nothing they can’t handle.”

“Now men, that’s a telephone over there on the wall. I’m going to slide over and call the Dimensional Marines. They’ll be able to protect Jennifer while she’s in Sprain.”



“Ok Troopers, now all I have to do is dial this telephone and we’ll have the Marines deployed in no time.”


“Uh…do any of you IDIOTS happen to have ‘fingers’?”

The Apes

“Alright, you recruits for the Dimensional Marines – Atten-SHUN!” the Guard Captain bellowed.

Every ape in the cave snapped briskly to attention.

“And who ARE you?”

St. Michael’s Cave resounded with “SIR! We are DIMWITS! DImensional Marines, Worlds In Trouble Section, SIR!”

“And are you PROUD to be DIMWITS?”


“Right! Now that your training is completed, your job here is to protect this outpost on Gibraltar, in case the Nazis attack. The British commandos are probably still hung up in North Africa, so the job of protecting this outpost falls squarely onto us. Those Nazis cannot be allowed to find the secret passages in the caves underneath this place they call the Rock of Gibraltar. Disguised as Barbary Apes, we have the freedom to go everywhere and spy on everyone without raising suspicion. Have you GOT THAT!”


“Uh, Sir…?”

“What do you want, RECRUIT!!??”

“Uh – hasn’t the war with Germany been over for like, sixty years?”

“That’s just what those Nazi agents want us to believe! But that doesn’t give us permission to lower our guard. Those Nazis could be back at any moment, so we have to be on guard AT ALL TIMES! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?????”


“Right! Then let’s get cracking! Let’s get out there among those tourists and mingle! And don’t forget to look cute and friendly. We want them to feel perfectly at ease with us wandering around. Are you ready?”


“SIR!!!!” an older ape charged into the cave bellowing. “SIR! Emergency! Emergency! ALERT ALL TROOPS!”

“Have the Nazis landed? MEN, we’ve trained for this! We’ve guarded this outpost for many long years! Now it’s time to go into battle! I know that some of you won’t be coming home, but those Nazi criminals will know that they’ve encountered DIMWITS!”

“CAPTAIN SIR, it’s worse than that!”

“What!? Worse than NAZIS??!!”

“ SHE’S here!”

“She Who?”


“Her WHO?! Speak up, you DIMWIT!”

“Jennifer Jones! She’s a Cosmic Nexus!”

The Guard Captain paused in thought. “But, she’s supposed to be in America.”

“Well I just saw her over at the Nun’s Well. It looks like she’s in a tour group.”

“I hadn’t been notified of her arrival. She’s supposed to be guarded by a pack of IDIOTS. Did we receive any communications?”

The other apes shook their heads.

“Drat this communications black-out. Could be a Nazi trick. Alright, First Platoon – to the Nun’s Well! Verify that it’s really Jennifer and report back. And make sure she’s watched at all times! We can’t allow any harm to come to her. Now GO! And remember – you are DIMWITS! Act like it!”


The mass of apes rushed down into the depths of St. Michael’s Cave, while the Guard Captain stood, shaking his head in resignation. After several minutes, a few apes wandered sheepishly back.

“Uh, Guard Captain…which way is the exit?”


Well, we finally made it to Gibraltar! We’ve visited Europe before, but this trip promises more excitement, since Gibraltar has such a wide cultural mix. I think the kids get more out of these trips than we grownups. I suppose I should learn from that – from their innocent ability to see the world fresh and new.

After all the flying, waiting, more flying, more waiting, and taxi cab after taxi cab, it’s nice to finally settle down at the Rock Hotel. It’s the largest hotel in Gibraltar, and the rooms have free Internet! It isn’t for me – the kids love checking their e-mail, and the wife can’t go more than a day without checking in with her friends. For someone who claims to be an introvert, she sure has a lot of friends!

We left the café in the care of two of Jennifer’s friends: Julie and Kaylee. They are identical twins, and just when I think I’ve figured out who is who, I find that I’ve had them mixed up all along. They’re only 10, but they’re quite responsible and the café seems to manage well enough on its own. They shouldn’t have to do much more than keep the place clean and play with the animals. I just hope they don’t get eaten by Jennifer’s pets!

There is a casino here and I want to try a little gambling before we go out on tour. I don’t know if they have an age limit, but I’ll take the kids anyway. I’m sure they’d like to watch their Dad lose his allowance!


The Rock Hotel is fabulous! The first thing Dad wants to do is take us down to the hotel casino. Mom frowned, but Dad gave her his best “you can trust me after all these years” look, so we’re off to help Dad lose money.

“I don’t understand why people want to gamble” Jennifer asked.

“It’s the excitement of the game!” Dad replied. “It’s thrilling to win, but even if you don’t win, the game itself is fun! It’s also quite a social experience.”

We walked by the slots room – there must be over a hundred slot machines in that room! They also have bingo, roulette, blackjack, and something called ‘brag’. Wait … did I see what I thought I saw? Were those … NUNS?

“Uh, Dad?”

“Yes, Jon?”

“Are those nuns in the slot machine room?”

“Either that or we’ve been invaded by penguins from Antarctica! Casino gambling is part of the culture here, so their Order must allow it. I don’t know if there’s an age limit. Would you kids like to play?” Dad handed me a large coin and gave another to Jennifer.

“Excuse me, but are you Americans?” One of the nuns flurried over to chat. “I’m Sister Jennifer. We’re visiting Gibraltar on a fund raising tour.”

“Sister Jennifer?” I queried. “I have a sister Jennifer, but she’s not a nun!”

The nun giggled. “Well, you see, a few years ago, all the nuns in our Order who had the name ‘Jennifer’ decided to form our own Sisterhood. We call it the ‘Sisterhood of the Travelling Jennifers!’ We travel around the world building orphanages in honor of Saint Jennifer.”

“SAINT Jennifer??” Jennifer squealed.

“Yes,” Sister Jennifer replied. “She’s the Patron of Protection from Disasters.”

“Well, that explains a few things….” Dad quipped, peering sidelong at my own sister Jennifer.

“So you travel around the world helping children, and you decided to stop here to play the slots?” I asked.

Sister Jennifer blushed. “Well, it’s not strictly against our vows, as long as we only use our own personal money. And anything we win goes into the fund for building orphanages. But enough about us; what brings you folks all the way from America?”

“Family vacation. Myself, Mom, Dad, and my own Sister Jennifer.” They waved weakly.

“Well, we have most of the slot machines monopolized, but I’d be happy to give you a few tries! Would you like to play?”

“No, but thank you.” Jennifer replied. “Besides, if I won, I’d probably just give the money to charity. Here, you can play my coin.” She handed her coin to Sister Jennifer.

“Well, thank you. I hope to see you around. I’d better get back inside, before someone takes over my machine.”

As we walked away, the raucous sound of slot machines intensified. Loud jangling noises echoed from the room, followed by cries of joy! Dozens of voices crying out: “Jackpot! Jackpot!” It seems that all of the slot machines operated by Sisters of the Travelling Jennifers had decided to pay off at once! They were rich! That is, their orphanages were rich. I wonder if Jennifer’s coin …. no, it couldn’t be. Still, things have a way of happening whenever she’s around…

The Apes

“Alright, you DIMWITS!” bellowed the Guard Captain. “Spread out and look for Jennifer! She’s got to be here somewhere!”

The apes pranced about the area of the Nun’s Well for over an hour, trying not to overly annoy the tourists. However, Jennifer was nowhere to be seen.


“Yes, Private?”

“Should we check the tram? You know, the one that goes to the top of the Rock?”

“Why should we do that? Didn’t you say that you saw her here, at Nun’s Well?”

“Yes, Captain. I did.”

“Well, then let’s keep looking. Maybe she went down inside the well for the complete tour. We just have to be patient.”

“The Nun’s Well was originally an underground cistern, built by the Moors.” The Private chattered.

“I know that.” The Guard Captain retorted.

“The adjoining castle was refurbished in 1988 by the Royal Engineers and turned into a tourist attraction.” The Private continued chattering.

“Yes, yes.”

“In 1802, the Duke of Kent built a brewery next to the castle, using water from the well for the brewery.”

“What are you chattering about!” the Guard Captain snapped.

“Oh – just reading one of the tour brochures that someone tossed aside.”

Another hour passed.


“Yes, Private – what is it now?”

“I don’t think she’s here anymore. Maybe we should check the tram.”

“It’s almost lunchtime – she’s probably going to find food. We should try the restaurants.”

“Ok. It’s just that, when I saw her, she said something about wanting to take the tram to the top of the Rock.”

The Guard Captain glared icily at the young Private. “And you didn’t see fit to tell us this earlier?”

“I didn’t know if it was important.”

“Right.” The Captain shook his head slowly. “Alright you DIMWITS!” he bellowed. “Everyone – to the tram station! Jennifer may be heading to the top of the Rock! We have to make sure she’s safe! Private – you’d better stick with me. You’re going to give DIMWITS a bad name.”


Tum-te-tum….I love shopping for food. Restaurants cost so much here; it’s better to stop at some of these local stores and pick up some things for a picnic lunch. I’m glad I brought Jennifer with me – she loves shopping for food as much as I do. We’ll meet the others at the tram station. It’ll be great! We can have a picnic at the top of the Rock of Gibraltar!

“Mom, what are these?” she held up some large, wobbly green objects that looked similar to fruit.

“I’m not sure, dear. They look a bit like mangoes. Oh, how would you like a salad?”

“Uh, mom, maybe we should just get something pre-made. You know, not try and do it all ourselves?”

“Nonsense! If there’s one thing I know about, it’s how to make a salad. Now, maybe some of these, and a few of these – what are these, anyway?”

“Mom – maybe not those, they don’t look very friendly. It may not be as easy as you think, without all the help you normally have at the Dream Café.” Jennifer sounded worried.

“But I have you, Jennifer; the same help as I have at the Café.” Hmmmm, these roots do look a bit tough, and I don’t have a proper knife to chop them with. Maybe Jennifer’s right.

“Ok dear, how about this? It says ‘Pre-made Asian Chicken Salad.’ Would that meet with your approval? It even has the dressing.”

“How can we tell if the chicken is really Asian? Are Asian chickens bigger than American ones?”

“I think chickens are the same everywhere.” I chuckled. Jennifer has quite an imagination. I picked up the Asian Chicken Salad mix, some fruit juice, and two boxes of cookies. This should be enough for four.

“Mom?” Jennifer had a worried tone. “I don’t see any Koi here. I thought Koi was a vegetable.”

“What?” I laughed. “A Koi is a Japanese fish! That’s what your Dad is putting into the pond. That’s why it’s called a Koi pond. What made you think it was a vegetable?”

Jennifer looked crestfallen. “Oh. Something Nick and Nate said. I hope Dad doesn’t get mad.”

“Don’t worry,” I gave my best reassuring tone. “The twins are looking after things. I’m sure the Café is just fine.”

“What twins?”

“Julie and Kalyee. They’re twins.”

“No, Mom, they aren’t twins. They’re just pulling your leg.”

“Nonsense. Now don’t worry about the Café. We’re on vacation!”

Jennifer worries about some of the strangest things! Sometimes I fear she takes things too seriously. But enough of that, we’d better hurry and pay for these things if we’re going to make the next Tram ride.


“Mom! Hurry up! We’re going to miss the tram!” I shouted. I don’t know why she has to have those cookies now.

“Coming! I was just getting some cookies from my backpack. We won’t be late.”

Those Gibraltar apes are sure brazen. Those things are everywhere! I’m surprised they aren’t in the hotel!

“Mom?” Jennifer queried. “Are the apes dangerous? Do they bite people?”

“No dear, they aren’t dangerous. They are a protected species. They are some of the last free wandering apes in the world.”

“I thought they were tailless monkeys – technically, that is.” Dad remarked.

Whatever they are, they aren’t shy. Several of them seem to be stalking us!

“Uh, mom? I wouldn’t get those cookies out here – the apes look hungry.” I was sure that at least two of those apes had their eyes on us.

“Nonsense! Look, here’s the tram. We can munch on cookies while we enjoy the view.” Mom held out a cookie to Jennifer.

“Mom!” I warned. “The apes are going to jump in! They want the cookie!”

“Nonsense. Look, I’ll just put it here on my head where it will be safe. I wonder if I can balance it there? Unless you think the cookie is dangerous! Maybe it’s a BOMB!” Mom laughed.

The screaming of apes filled the air as two of the creatures jumped into the tram car! The large one jumped in front of Jennifer while the smaller one leaped onto Mom’s backpack, grabbing for the cookie. Mom shrieked and instinctively threw the cookie out of the car. Both apes chased after the cookie, squealing at the top of their lungs.

“Ooookkkk oooookkk eeeeeekkk Aaaawwweekkk Eeeeekkkkkkk!!!!” (which, in ape speak, means ‘Get the bomb!’)

The tram lurched up into the sky, leaving the pair of apes and the lost cookie well behind. One of the apes grabbed the cookie, sniffed at it, then tossed it far away. I guess even apes don’t like those things.


“Well, Mom, now that we’re at the top, I’m starved. What’s for lunch? Not cookies, I hope.”

“No, Jon dear. I have real treat for you. Asian Chicken Salad!”

Sniffle. I hate salad. Chicken is fine, but I hate salad.

“Ok, now you and your Dad just stay out of the way while I put this thing together. Let’s see, it’s supposed to be complete. Here’s the chicken….this bag has the dressing….where’s the salad? It must be … no, not here. Maybe it’s in the main bag…”

“Uh, Mom?” Jennifer asked.

“Not now, dear. I’m busy making the chicken salad. I bought a wooden bowl to mix it all in. Here, you can hand out the plastic forks. And remember, we need to pack out our trash, so don’t leave anything behind. Now…I’ll bet the salad is in this bag….oh…not here….hmmmmmm….”

“Here’s a bag of almond slivers.” I handed Mom a small bag. “And this bag has wonton strips. I don’t see any salad.”

“Mom?” Jennifer cried out. “MOM!”

“What?” Mom beseeched.

“Mom, here on the bag, it says ‘Lettuce sold separately.’ Does that mean there’s no salad in it?”

Mom took the bag and read the label completely, while Jennifer confirmed that everything was there – except for the salad itself!

“I can’t imagine how this happened!” Mom protested. “It appears that the ‘Ready-Made Asian Chicken Salad’ has everything except the salad!”

“Well,” Dad quipped, “Jon seems to like it.”

Yummy! Asian Chicken Salad – without the yucky salad part! “Anybody else want some Asian Chicken?” I asked. “It’s great!”

“Don’t forget to say your prayers before you eat.” Dad reminded us.

“I don’t have to.” I replied. “Mom’s a good cook.”

The Apes

“Alright you DIMWITS, move along!” bellowed the Guard Captain. “There’s nothing to see here!”

“How’s the ‘bomb’, Private?” a recruit queried.

“Delicious!” cookie crumbs fell as the Private consumed the ‘bomb,’ to the amazement of the on-looking recruits.

The Guard Captain just shook his head. “I could have sworn that the tall human said ‘bomb.’ I was sure it was dangerous.”

“Oh, they are – they are” commented one of the recruits. “I ate a whole box of them once. Had a terrible stomach ache for days.”

“At least Jennifer’s safe. Say, can she keep me as a pet?”

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