(after Mary Oliver)
by John Wyatt
copyright 2009

Be sure to checkout Mary Oliver's original <click here>.

What did you notice?
The Buddha-nature in the pile of dung.

What did you hear?
The dry crackle of twigs beneath your feet;
Would that my dead bones could make such sweet sound.

What did you admire?
The flowers as they plotted mischief.

What astonished you?
The trees as they waved,
Fanning the breeze into action;
Silence in motion.

What would you like to see again?
Would you see always the same flowers;
the same bees, the same clouds;
or the cycle of life in the damp humus of the Earth?

What was most tender?
The sigh of grass as it holds up your feet.

What was most wonderful?
That Nature sees itself through your eyes.

What did you think was happening?
Are you Emptiness imagining itself as Form?