Super Fink Meets the FatMan

by John Wyatt
copyright 2002

Late one night, by the ACME Fishery, two figures are seen lurking in the shadows. They are none other than the super criminals the FatMan, and his accomplice Little Blubber.

"Say, uh, FatMan," said Little Blubber. "What are we doin' at duh fishery? I mean, like uh, dere ain't any neat stuff to swipe around here."

"Stupid! We ain't here for material gain! We is here for vengeance!"

"Duh, what's vengeance?"

"It's when you get back at somebody for doin' sumpthin' to ya. It just so happens that this is part of my plan to catch Super Fink!"

"That sound neat, boss! How ya gonna do it?"

"It's easy. I'll commit a crime, and when he comes lookin' for me, we nab him!"

"Great, boss!"

"Of course it's great, Little Blubber!"

"But how do we nab him?"

"Don't worry, I have a brilliant idea!"

What could the FatMan have up his sleeve? Why, his arm, of course.


Early next morning, a strange looking creature pulled up in front of Gothic City Police HQ on, of all things, a motorized skateboard!

"Hey Chief!" yelled a rookie cop to police Chief Jones, "There's a very suspicious looking creature outside! You'd better take a look!"

Chief Jones sprang to the window and stared out. "Idiot!" he cried. "That's Super Fink! He's on our side!"

"Distinguished looking, isn't he?"

Soon Super Fink was inside, and asked Chief Jones about the nature of the crime committed the night before.

"There's not much to tell. The owner found the door forced open and immediately called us. Upon investigation we found ten thousand tropical fish eggs missing."

"Ten thousand tropical fish eggs!" cried Super Fink.

"Uh huh. I wonder what the Fatman wants with ten thousand tropical fish eggs?"

"What makes you think it was the FatMan?" asked Super Fink.

"Easy!" said Chief Jones. "We found thirty-two candy bar wrappers at the scene."


"So, it couldn't have been the ThinMan!"


Soon, Super Fink was on his way to the Super Hut to pick up his side kick, Little Fink. He briefed Little Fink on the crime committed and asked for his opinion.

"Well," said Little Fink, "I think we ought to go back to the fishery."


"The criminal always returns to the scene of the crime. All we have to do is wait for him."

"Great idea!" exclaimed Super Fink. "Glad I thought of it!"

Super Fink started up his skateboard and Little Fink got on his motorized unicycle, and soon they were on their way to the fishery. They pulled up in front and went inside to lay in wait for the FatMan. They took up their post behind a stack of old crates.

"Our what?" asked Super Fink.

"Our post." whispered Little Fink. "Just like the narrator said."


"Super Fink, how long before the FatMan shows up?"

"Within five minutes."

"How do you know?"

"Any later and we'll exceed our time slot."

Suddenly they heard a noise.

"A what?" asked Super Fink.

"A noise! Don't you ever listen to the narrator?"

"Look!" cried Super Fink. "It's the FatMan!"

Sure enough, the FatMan and Little Blubber were coming out of a back room. Super Fink and Little Fink jumped from their hiding place.

"You're under arrest FatMan!" yelled Super Fink.

"Super Fink!" the FatMan chortled. "I've been expecting you!"

"Huh? You have?

"Of course! Super Heroes always return to the scene of the crime!"

":I didn't know that," our hero said thoughtfully.

The FatMan signaled, Little Blubber cut a rope, and a cage fell from the ceiling - trapping our two super heroes.

It looks like the end for our twosome! Can it really be? I thought the Good Guys always won?

"Uh, what did he say?" asked the FatMan.

"Duh, da narrator said dat da good guys always win."

"Hey yeah!" exclaimed Super Fink. "I forgot about that!"

"Darn!" cried the FatMan. "Foiled again!"


Back at police HQ, Super Fink had just finished describing what had happened.

"Fantastic!" said Chief Jones. "But tell me FatMan, why steal ten thousand tropical fish eggs? Why not rob a bank?"

"Well, you see, I've got this interest in tropical fish...."

The End