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Children's Stories

These are not actually stories I wrote for children, but when I was a children myself.

As a child I often watched various inane TV shows about inane superheroes. I decided to create my own equally inane superhero - Super Fink! When my English teacher told us to write two pages of anything each week, I wrote about the adventures of Super Fink, with a new episode each week. So if you think that superheroes peaked with Superman, Batman, Underdog, and Super Chicken - you ain't seen nothin' yet!

Super Fink

My old drawing of my very own superhero! Click the photo to enlarge.

Super Fink Meets the FatMan

Super Fink Meets Little Red Riding Hoodlum

Super Fink Meets the Boogie Man

The Ballad of Super Fink

Super Fink Meets the Wet Noodle

Super Fink Meets ... Super Fink???

Super Fink Meets the Pretzel Man

Super Fink Meets the Three Pigs

Super Fink Meets Jack the Stripper


And --- someday coming to this web page (if they are ever written):

Super Fink meets StuporMan

Super Finks meets Peter Peter Pumpkin Beater

Super Fink meets the High Plains Grifter

Super Fink - the Young and the Clueless

Super Fink meets Buffy the Umpire Slayer

Super Fink meets Little BoPeeping Tom

And, for a season finale ---

Super Fink in - Hoard of the Rings