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The family princess
"Yeah, right!"

Phone home
Uncle John's being silly again!"

Is Amy asleep,
or just shy?

"Bless you,
my child!"
Amy gets endowed
with superpowers.

Say, "Who cut the

"I think they are
all silly."

John at his computer.
"Did someone say Cheese?"

Linda - "As soon as Ruth
gets out of that chair, it's mine!"



"I'm trying to SLEEP!"

"This is too silly.
I'm going home."

Jerri - "Let's see, the
foot is connected to the, uh
ankle bone, or ..."

Amy rests after a
long passage on
her flute.

Ruth -
"Who says I'm stubborn?"

Tom -
"I remember back before
there was hair."

I don't know who this guy is,
but we're giving him a wide


Zen Wife