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I was in the drug store recently and saw a display of various types of odor eaters and other inserts for shoes. I guess they are supposed to get rid of nasty smells. I wonder why don't they make odor eater underwear? The store also lies. They have a sign in front "This is a drug-free and alcohol-free workplace." It's a lie. They make everyone pay for the drugs and booze.

Recently, I was thinking about history - specifically the Trojan War. Those Greeks had such a tough time with those Trojans; they fought for years! I used to think that the Trojan Horse was a really big deal - until I went to the drugstore and saw what a pack of Trojans really looks like. Now I'm back to wondering just what the heck they were fighting about.

The other day, Anna and I were wandering through the newly revamped Mira Mesa Mall. Many of the old stores are still there, and some new ones that are still under construction. We went by a jewelry store called "The Family Jewelry Store." Now, when I need a set of family jewels, I'll know where to get them.

J.C. Penny's had better get a new name - have you seen their prices lately! Even their Fall sale was expensive! I do like the wrinkle-free shirts, though - I always hated paying extra for the wrinkles. Still, I can tell that there's something wrong with the economy when Dollar Days is cheaper than Penny's. Sears isn't much better. They had this line of women's clothing called "Sag Harbor." What rocket scientist thought that women would identify with a clothing label that begins with "Sag?"

Speaking of Mall shopping (which I was), we saw a Barbie head at the toy store. It was a full sized bust of Barbie, and you could style her hair. I knew it was only a matter of time before Barbie got busted. I'm still waiting for them to come out with Bimbo Barbie.

The mall at North County Fair had a Fall sale a few months ago. I tripped, fell, and it only cost me $1.25. That's a pretty good price. Anna says I broke my funny bone - which explains my jokes.

If bad drivers end up in Traffic Court, does bad food always end up in Food Court?

Anna is scheduled for a CT Myleogram for her lower spine. The last time she had one the anesthesiologist offered to give her a saddle block. I don't know why he did that - we don't even own a horse. It's scary to realize that doctor's only practice medicine! When do they become experts?

TRUE STORY: I was at the hospital back in September 2002, during my last kidney stone incident, and they had one of those motivational posters that read: "Shoot for the moon!" I'm never going to bend over at that place!

There isn't much in life that can't be made better with a trite saying. I wonder what sadomasochist ever thought up "No pain, no gain?" Personally, I consider it a gain if I don't have pain! However, after my last hospital stay I have a new saying for the medical profession: "No wealth, no health!" After that hospital visit I can honestly say that I have the strength and stamina of a man twice my age!

I do have one pressing question for doctors: if I'm in a hurry can I still use "Patient parking?"

2007 Events

Oct 24, 2007      The Witch Creek Fire just barely missed us! Evacutations to the north of us! Evacuations to the east of us! Evacuations to the west of us! You can see photos at the San Diego Tribune web site:
Also, more news can be seen at the San Diego Tribune home page:
More cool photos at the Channel 10 website:

Jan 22, 2007       Anna's mother, Ruth, passed away at the age of 81. Ruth was born in Ohio on the 1st of November, 1925. Ruth spent most of her life in Ohio, where she worked in a factory that built bombs for the U.S. Navy. That’s where she met a young sailor named Thomas Day, who couldn’t keep his eyes off the bomb-shell! After a single date, Tom was sent to sea, but he wrote her frequently. While Tom was in Australia, he sent Ruth an engagement ring.

Ruth Kepke and Thomas Day were married April 22nd, 1945.
Tom left the Navy to support his new family. They lived on a small farm in Ohio, where they raised three boys, two girls, and assorted farm animals.

In the early 1960’s, Tom re-entered the Navy and in 1966 was transferred to Oakland, California. Ruth’s oldest son, Patrick, was drafted into the Army at about the same time. Ruth moved the rest of the clan to San Jose, California, where she was on her own with four children in a 12 foot wide trailer home!

Mediating disputes in these close quarters was tougher than Middle-East peace talks! Ruth learned how to defend her children from the gangs at school and from the carnivorous fold-up bed in the trailer.

In 1971, the Day clan moved to San Diego with her two youngest – Mary and Elsa.
Ruth was always active, helping other Navy wives who were in need and helping collect donations for troops.

Ruth was always a fiercely independent woman – a trait she passed onto her children. Always ready to defend the underdog, she even bawled out Elsa’s boss after Elsa collapsed from working a 72-hour shift! Anytime her children were in trouble, Ruth was there to help – such as making costumes for Mary’s high school theatre group and chaperoning a ski trip with Mary and her college friends.

Ruth will always be remembered.
She is survived by her loving husband, Thomas
– their five children, Patrick, James, Richard, Elsa, and Mary
– three grandchildren, Cynthia, Robert, and Amelia
– three great-grandchildren, Shamus, TaraLin, and David.

2004 Events

Jan 1, 2004         Can you believe it - it's Jan 1 already and nothing has happened yet! Actually, it was 2004 in New York before it was 2004 here, so instead of a brand new year, we got a slightly used year. I wonder if I can get a rebate on 2003 for that?

2003 Events

Mar 11, 2003      John's father, Lloyd Dow Wyatt, died on March 11th, 2003, of tongue cancer. John remembers how he learned to have a sense of humor from the way his father could tell jokes. Many of us know that John didn't have a good relationship with his father, but he wants to remember him for his sense of humor.

Feb 15, 2003       Anna is finally back from the hospital. Her surgery was successful, but she went into renal shutdown. Her kidneys are working again and nearly back to normal, but it kept her in the hospital for an extra week. She also spent a few days in the Rehab center learning to get in and out of bed, and other daily tasks. I really hope that this is the last operation that she will need!

Feb 2, 2003         Anna is scheduled to have spinal surgery this week. The doctor is going to trim some disks in the lumbar region, hoping to relieve the pressure on the spinal column. The CT Myleogram showed definite damage, but the doctor won't know more until he gets inside. I'm just glad the doctor isn't a guy named Jack - because I'd hate to have Anna operated on by a Lumbar Jack. We'll keep you posted on what happens.

Jan 19, 2003       My cousin Audrey Oliphant is recovering after having some serious lower back surgery earlier this month. I haven't seen Audrey in way too long. Growing up with three older female cousins was fun - mainly because they were so much fun! Best wishes to Audrey!

Jan 16, 2003       Class started up for 2003. Some people don't think I have any class, but I do - it's on Thursday nights. I wrote this little ditty when I started my MBA:
  Now I lay me down to learn,
  No course or topic left to spurn.
  If I should die from hours too late,
  I pray that I'll still graduate.

Jan 12, 2003       Relatives came to visit - Robert and Jerri Day from Las Vegas, along with three year old David. Anna says that David is a great-nephew. Does that mean that the others are just average nephews? She didn't say if she has any mediocre-nephews. Her brother Patrick and his wife Linda also came out from Missouri. The 12th was Linda's birthday, but there were no candles on her cake. The fire department said we weren't zoned for that. Checkout the photos on the photo page.

2002 Events

Dec 28, 2002      Well, Christmas is over for another year. Anna and I have been sick for the last three days - some kind of cold or flu. I hope next year turns out better. My cousin Audrey Oliphant is having spinal surgery in January 2003. I am hopeful that all will work our well. I always looked up to Audrey, and she didn't get me in trouble the way her little sister Becky did! Actually, Becky is a great person and didn't *try* to get me in trouble! When I was 5, Becky taught me to write my name is cursive (script handwriting). When I went to first grade, I told my teacher that I could write in cursive. My teacher thought that I was "cursing" and spanked me! In spite of that, I always looked up to Becky more than I let her know!

Oct 24, 2002       Anna had surgery on her right foot, to clean up a bone spur and relieve the pressure on some nerves. This is the second time this foot has had surgery this year. Early in January she had her Achilles tendon repaired. The tendon was reattached with screws, and apparently scar tissue from the surgery had entangled nerves. We hope that this will finally put an end to her foot pain.

Oct 10, 2002       John's chair disappeared at work, and was missing for five days. The prevailing opinion is that the chair was abducted by aliens. John moves so little at work that the aliens may have mistaken him for his chair. On October 10th, the aliens came and took the chair - thinking that it was John - after all, it wasn't moving. If this story is true, then aliens may come to believe that chairs are the dominant life form on Earth. I don't know if they will return, but I'm staying away from furniture stores for a while.

Sep 27, 2002       John starts school to get his Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA), with an emphasis on managing technology groups. Unfortunately, people keep writing books faster than he can read them, so John is asking all the bookstores to please stop!

Sep 2, 2002        John survives yet another attempt on his life by the medical profession, as masked men wheeled him into a room and attacked him with knives. His last words before the assault were: "The masks won't help - I know who you are anyway!" After that, the anesthetic kicked in and everything went black. This was his sixth kidney stone in three years, and we're getting pretty tired of them! They hurt as much as childbirth, but at least we don't have to feed and clothe them for 18 years and send them to college. Well, John always said that he would like to have six girls - now that he's given "birth" six times, we all hope he's satisfied!

This is the first stone that required surgical intervention to remove, and although they have this wonderful laser lithotripsy procedure now, John says it's like driving a Mack truck up a soda straw! OUCH!


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