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Aptitude Test For Software Project Management

Are you tired of working for a bunch of clowns, only to have your boss take all the credit? (Note - the previous question does not apply to circus workers, who may actually be working for clowns.) Does your secret lover complain that you are spending too much time with your family? Do any of these question have anything to do with software management?

If you have what it takes to be a successful Software Manager, then you already know what to do with this aptitude test!

1) A GANTT chart is:

a)       A method of displaying tasks and their dependencies.

b)       An improvement over the PERT chart.

c)       I don't know.

d)       What was the question again?

1) When a subordinate disagrees with your decision, should you:

a)       Gather data to see if you really made the right choice?

b)       Act surprised!

c)       In your best mentoring tone, inform the subordinate that they are full of cattle waste products.

d)       Is this a criticism of my answer to question #1?

1) When your boss disagrees with your decision, should you:

a)       Grovel and beg for forgiveness?

b)       Blame a subordinate for your foolish suggestion?

c)       Plot with his/her enemies to discredit your boss?

d)       Why aren't there more punctuation marks in this test?

1) When a subordinate presents a well-thought out plan, should you:

a)       Fire the cretin?

b)       Ask if they compensated for the equivocal reciprocity of growing labor demands in a recessionary market (while clucking your disapproval)?

c)       Develop a method of determining the set of tests for regression testing.

d)       Hey!? Answer "c" is from a different test! What's it doing over here?

 1) Which of the following is NOT a proper method for approving documents?

a)       Approval.

b)       Review and approval.

c)       Review and approval after making constructive changes.

d)       All of the above.

1) The employee suggestion box normally contains:

a)       Blah.

b)       Blah Blah.

c)       Blah Blah Blah.

d)       All of the above.

1) Popular cartoon characters who ridicule bosses are:

a)       Communist insurgents.

b)       Radical provocateurs.

c)       Frustrated wanna-be bosses.

d)       Have you noticed how much navel lint is in here?

1) Project planning is designed to:

a)       Keep me looking busy so I won't get fired.

b)       Keep my subordinates busy, so it looks like I have a large empire.

c)       Reduce the risk of my being blamed when the project fails.

d)       All of the above.

1) The purpose of Quality Assurance is to:

a)       Annoy me.

b)       Block progress.

c)       Do something (not sure just what that might be).

d)       Probably a, or b, or c, or maybe d.

 1) When the boss discovers that your critical project has failed, should you:

a)       Take the other aptitude tests to see if you'd be any good in those careers?

b)       Smugly say "I told you so?"

c)       Ask for a promotion?

d)       All of the above, unless they aren't the right answers.

To score the test follow these simple steps:

1.        Tally up the number of times you answered a question.

2.        Add 10 to your score if you noticed that every question has the same question number.

3.        If your final score is greater than 1, then you failed.

If you skipped the test and came directly to scoring, then you may have what it takes to be a great software manager!  Remember - while planning is nice, it's better to know that no matter what happens, someone else is to blame!


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