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Aptitude Test For Software Developer

Do you remember the thrill when you first discovered girls (or boys)? Do you remember those lovely days when you ignored computer games so you could play outside with your friends? Did you abandon high caffeine sodas in favor of herbal teas? If you answered "No" to all these questions, then you may be qualified for a promising career as a software developer! Just answer these ten questions to see if you have what it takes to be a software developer!

1) There are 10 kinds of people: those who can read binary, and those who cannot.

0x0a)       True.

0x0b)       True.

0x0c)       True.

0x0d)       Not False.

2) Most software defects are introduced while:

0x0a)       Requirements gathering.

0x0b)      Designing and architecting.

0x0c)       Coding and unit testing.

0x0d)       Using developers other than me.

3) A dangling pointer is...

0x0a)       Bad.

0x0b)       Very Bad.

0x0c)      Not Good.

0x0d)       A male bird dog.

4) What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

0x0a)       Two mph.

0x0b)       Six mph.

0x0c)       Must be verified by testing.

0x0d)       Is that an African or a European swallow?

 5) My stand on software piracy is...

0x0a)       Piracy is a serious form of theft.

0x0b)       Copies can only be made for archival porpoises (dolphins who specialize in backing up).

0x0c)       A strong Information Systems department should control developer's access to software.

0x0d)       Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!

6) The most significant contribution to software engineering was:

0x0a)       Object-Oriented Programming..

0x0b)       Relational Database theory.

0x0c)       The Von-Neumann computer model.

0x0d)       Jolt Cola.

7) When participating as a team member I should:

0x0a)       Consider the needs of all project stakeholders.

0x0b)       Remember that there is no “I” in “Team.”

0x0c)       Provide constructive criticism.

0x0d)       Make sure we all like the same pizza toppings.

8) Training exists to:

0x0a)       Teach me how other functional areas interact with mine.

0x0b)       Train me in the critical aspects of my job.

0x0c)       Understand any relevant regulations in my job.

0x0d)       Punish me.

9) Other people exist to:

0x0a)       Provide a beneficial division of labor.

0x0b)       Perform tasks as an integral part of a team.

0x0c)       Enable a team to accomplish more than the sum of its parts.

0x0d)       Annoy me.

 10) When you discover that a critical project is late because of you, should you:

0x0a)       Blame the voice-mail system?

0x0b)       Blame management?

0x0c)       Blame the testing group?

0x0d)       All of the above.

To score the test follow these steps:

1.       Tally up the number of times you answered a question with “0x0d” (not using a calculator).

2.       Tally up the number of times you answered a question with “0x0d” a second time (this time, using a calculator).

If you got two different answers, then you may have what it takes to be a software developer!


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