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Aptitude Test For Information Systems Technician

Have you always wanted to work with computers, but don't know what they are? Do you want to start your own web site, but are afraid of spiders? Are you tired of searching for jobs that require "experience?" If you aren't sure, then you may be qualified for a job as a computer technician in the Information Services department! Just answer the following questions to see if you too can have a career in this lucrative field!

1) How can you tell if your computer school is properly accredited?

a)       The campus doesn't say "Department of Corrections" at the entrance.

b)       Their graduates are so desirable that the FBI has deemed them "Most Wanted."

c)       They advertise in all the best comic books.

d)       You get a free toaster if you enroll in the next ten minutes.

2) Most software defects are caused by:

a)       Software.

b)       More software.

c)       Operator error.

d)       I'll have to take your PC back to the shop to find out.

3) Which computer command is used to grant administrative rights?

a)       Exals.

b)       Rdate.

c)       Makinls.

d)       If none of the above work, then I'll try reading the manual.

4) What is the cost-benefit tradeoff for using open-source software?

a)       What's a "cost-benefit tradeoff?"

b)       About 2 megabytes.

c)       What is "open-sores" software?

d)       What is "software?"

 5) Which of the following is NOT a recommended backup medium?

a)       Floppy disks.

b)       DIsks that used to be floppy, but aren't anymore.

c)       My pickup truck.

d)       If we don't hold regular seances, do we really need a backup medium?

6) When installing a new application server, you should:

a)       Get permission.

b)       Know who to blame if anything goes wrong.

c)       Find out what an "application" is.

d)       Cash your paycheck first, in case the company wants it back afterwards.

7) When having to deal with co-workers:

a)       Say "proactive" whenever possible.

b)       Remember that there is no “I” in “Team.”

c)       Remember that there is an "I" in "Shove It!"

d)       Continually mutter something about "server load balancing."

8) Whenwritingusermanualsfornewsoftwareyoushould:

a)       LearnHowToPunctuate.

b)       Learn howe to ewes the gnu spell checquer on the pea sea.

c)       Look for a "Dummies" book on technical writing.

d)       Some of the above.

9) This

a)       Is

b)       a

c)       stupid

d)       question.

 10) This question intentionally left blank

a)       True.

b)       False.

c)       What?


If you didn't realize that there are no instructions for scoring the test, then you may have a great future as an Information Systems Technician!


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