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Anna's Most Embarassing Stories

(At least the ones I'm willing to tell!)


There were four of us that summer: my sister Lizzie, our friends Becky and Lyn, and myself. Liz and I knew how to fish, and had promised to teach Becky and Lyn. So we walked all the way to Miramar Lake and rented a rowboat. Becky had learned how to row in Girl Scouts. So it was that the four of us set out onto Lake Miramar, convinced that this would be a fun trip!

We rowed to the middle of the lake, where Liz and I began teaching them how to fish. First, we showed them how to hook the seat of your own pants! Having gotten the hook out without serious blood loss, I then demonstrated how to cast a fishing line up into the tree branches! Lizzie then showed her method of casting into the shallowest part of the water's edge! While my sister and I prepared for our next demonstration, Becky and Lyn used their Girl Scout training to handle all the bug spray and bandages.

Finally, hooks baited, with breath bated, we finally got all our hooks into the water (which is more than I can say for our oars). Miramar Lake gets many visitors, and is kept stocked with very intelligent fish. Fish that knew how to nibble the bait without getting caught. Finally, after several hours of feeding the fish, we decided to go home.

We gathered up our gear and stowed the poles, which the fish had mocked all day. Taking our positions by our oars, Lizzie and I awaited our next orders. Becky and Lyn returned only blank stares. I asked Becky what we should do next. Her face turned green as she whispered - "I forgot!"

"How can you forget how to row a boat!!!" After some lively discussion, Lizzie and I decided that we could handle the problem ourselves. After all, we were 70's girls and had watched several movies where people had rowed boats. We each grabbed an oar and rowed furiously! 30 minutes later, near exhaustion, we had come no closer to the shore. No matter how hard we tried, all we could do was to row in circles, with a few crazy eights!

As we rested, we heard a man's voice calling from the shore. He asked if any of us knew how to row a boat - we all shook our heads No. He said to take an oar and paddle together - one - two - one - two -- up - down - up - down -- deeper - deeper. Up and out of the water, then down deep into the water. Other onlookers began cheering us on! UP - DOWN -- ONE - TWO!!

To this day, I can still hear that crowd talking us through our rowing, leading us to shore, where we finally arrived shaken, exhausted, having caught nothing but a severe sunburn!


Why do I lie to him?
Why do I lie to her?
Why do I lie to myself?

Why do I lie to him?
Because I am scared;
Scared he won't like the truth.
Truth, but what is it?
Is it how I really feel?
Feel about what, and why?

Why do I lie to her?
Because I am frightened.
Frightened that she won't understand.
What is there to understand, how I feel?
Feel about who, what, and why?

Why do I lie to myself?
Because I don't understand my feelings.
I don't know now to cope with these new feelings.
How do I understand the real
Emotional me?

                    Why should I?

I Love You

    My love for you is ....

Deeper than the tree roots grow,
Higher than the stadium lights glow,
Brighter than the candle light shines.

    I love you more than ...

Frankenstein movies after 11 pm,
Cake after a long five mile jog,
Reading the T.V. Guide at 9 pm.

    When I am away from you my love ...

My heart feels like a rock coated with moss.
My tears fall like April SHowers.
I walk like a tower of mud without you!

    Leaving you my love is like...

Dropping a stone on my big toe,
Eating ice cold pancakes,
Leaving my loving kitty at home.


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