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Welcome to my place! Check out what is going on with the Wyatt and Day families and our close friends!

Tongue twister: Which witch flew which way and which witch watched which witch's watch when which witch flew which way with which witch's watch?

John's 5th Birthday Party

John had his 5th birthday party! John wanted to do things backwards, so he decided to turn oh-five (05) instead of five-oh (50)! John got lots of toys, and even a Barbie birthday cake! For the very first time in his life, he had a girl jump out of his cake! (Well, pulled out, actually.) Here's the Day clan - Ruth, Tom, Mary, and Amy, with John's new Lego castle and his Barbie cake. John's mom sent the flowers. Who knows what mischief Ryo-Ohki is planning?

John's Birthday Party


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