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I've written the fourth book in the Jennifer Jones trilogy - Jennifer Jones and the Tomatoes of Terror! Inspired by kinda true vacation incidents from some of the Sunday School kids. They may have been slightly embellished; but then, Truth is like rubber - it has to be stretched or it won't fit!

All thoughts and beliefs are fragile and subject to doubt; do not rely on them. Rely instead on your own experience. - me -

I added a new poem, written quickly in a creative thinking workshop. Patterned after Mary Oliver's poem, this is my version of Gratitude. I also wrote a reflection on Why I teach Sunday School, which may inspire those who have a spiritual bent.

The Jennifer Jones stories are inspired by vacation episodes and ideas from my favorite bunch of kids in Sunday School. These stories have 0 cholesterol and 0 trans-fat; however, I'm told that they may contain just a few artificial ingredients...

1) Jennifer Jones and the Tables of Doom!
2) Jennifer Jones and the Apes of Wrath!
3) Jennifer Jones and the Ghostly Shallows.
4) Jennifer Jones and the Tomatoes of Terror.

Also new - my spiritual poem, The River, about simple enlightment. And don't forget 2008's earlier stories: I Sold My Brain on e-Bay, Arguments With God, and the sequel: God's Diaries! What was She thinking when She created Everything!?

Used to be New Stuff!

One of my favorite spiritual musicians, Karl Anthony, has finally made a video of his song "One Prayer!" You can see it on YouTube by clicking here. You can also visit Karl Anthony's website at Karl and his wife Jeanne Anthony were recently honored with the 2007 Gandhi & King Season For Non-Violence Peace Hero Award! (Whew! That's a mighty long name for an award!)

Create your own stories! Remember MadLibs? Here's something similar, and hopefully just as much fun!

Rock FarmMy novelette is still here! Rock Farm - or what happens when a software defect accidentally creates a race of intelligent rocks. Can they make a world without fear? A world without hate? A world without lawyers?

- No animals were harmed in making this website. I can't say as much for the programmer. -

Anna's House

Anna's stories, poems, and other miscellany. (Is that really a word - "miscellany"? Or should it be Miss Elainy?

Family News

Family News

Family News. Events Past, Present, and Future (?). Not sure if no gnus is good gnus...

Johns StoriesJohn's Stories

A collection of sometimes funny, sometimes serious stories and poems - mostly fantasy and general fiction.


Pets and other such monsters infesting our household. No gnus here, mosly just cats and fish.

Software Engineering

This is a separate sub-web dedicated to John's software development and project management work.





Household Chores

Household chores are scary. Not the kind of scary that you get from a monster movie - after the movie, the actors all get to go home. No, this is the kind of scary that makes me lie awake at night, wondering "Was everything done? Did I forget something?" And sure enough, tommorow always reveals more undone chores. For example, there is some kind of strange machine living in our garage. Anna calls it a "warsha machine." I don't exactly know what that is, but it apparently doesn't work very well, because she's always checking it. She'll check the warsha machine two, or even three times a week! Personnally, I don't know why we even have the darned thing, if it needs so much checking. However, Anna gets upset anytime I mention weaning ourselves off of the warsha machine; so for now, I'll just avoid the garage. It scares me. A lot.

Drumming Circles

I went to a picnic October, 2004, at a retreat run by our church. I had heard that there would be something called a "drumming circle." Curious, I headed to the sounds of the drumming and saw several people sitting on benches and rocks, beating various drums and sticks. I sat down and was handed a drum. There was no script, no sheet music, no direction; I just joined in with my own beat. Each person beat the drum they had been given, each with their own rhythm and tone. There was no right or wrong way to beat and there was no concept of discord, even when the children happily banged on their instruments; there was just each person's unique sound. No one person so loud as to dominate; each person was an essential part of the whole, each adding their unique contribution. The details changed as people came and went, but the essential whole remained. Just as in life, we each come without script or direction and add our unique contribution to the whole. What we share in common brings us together, but our differences turn life into music.

Food For Thought

Food today is fat-free, sugar-free, flavor-free and wrinkle-free.

Why would anybody want to be an Oscar Myer wiener???

Some other silly foods I'd like to see are:
- Cheese Lover's Brownies.
- Cheese Onion Rings - Edam and Weep.
- Chocolate Cheese Dogs.
- Peanut butter and Jellyfish Sandwiches.



More Food For Thought

Churches are like brownies - they look good on the outside, but some are full of nuts!

Philosophy is a lot like beer:

  1. Everyone has their favorite brand.
  2. Everyone knows that their brand is the best brand!
  3. Too much will make you sick.


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